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This is from a few days ago. I'm just posting it now because I…

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This is from a few days ago. I'm just posting it now because I forgot to earlier:

So, I was taking the dogs out a second ago and I was pretty pissed. See,
we're currently under a tornado watch here in AL, so it was kind of rainy
and very cold and I was in my pajamas and slippers. I was resenting my
step-mom for making me take the dogs out. After all, I reasoned, she's
still dressed and I'm in my pjs.

So, I started nursing the grudge a little, thinking about all the nasty jobs
she made me do today: changing Owen's diaper, taking the dogs out earlier,
bringing the big garbage can to the road (this is actually a lot worse than
it sounds- remember: tornado weather, plus we have a long, arduous, gravel
driveway) and other things like that.

Thinking back on it now, I was being dumb. After all, she does that stuff
all the time, and she's had a really hard week. But anyway, the point of
all this is that I looked up and talked to Jesus. I said, sort of bitterly,
"I bet you'd never make me do the hard jobs."

I think I would have left my musings at that, but because of the tornado
weather, the sky was grey instead of black. That was important, because
it's much easier to be nonsensical and romantic when there is a coal-black
sky and a scatter of stars. But the sky was grey. For some reason, it just
made everything seem more real.

And I started thinking about Jesus, this wonderful, strong, perfect,
awe-inspiring guy/God and I thought about Him in an apron, cleaning up cat
poop or scrubbing toilets. And that made me feel ashamed. Because Jesus
really WOULD take all the crappy jobs. But that's such a good thing that
it's sad. I think that when the best things actually happen, instead of
being satisfied and smug, we become crushed and humbled. Kind of like
someone crying at a wedding. Or something. Anyway, all this is to say that
I don't want to see Jesus in an apron. Ever. Whatever that even means.
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