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Some updates: My hair is long enough to put up now (shoulder…

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Some updates:

My hair is long enough to put up now (shoulder length). This is a milestone because I'm trying to grow it out again.

I got accepted to the University of Alabama. In my heart of hearts, I really don't want to go there. For one thing, even though red is my favorite color, I hate the dark red Alabama color. I like bright red. I know that's stupid, but it's just how I feel. Despite misgivings, I am extremely grateful and thankful that I've been accepted. So there's that.

Tomorrow, I supposedly find out whether or not I've been accepted to Wheaton College through the Questbridge scholarship program. Only about 2 people get accepted to Wheaton this way, so my chances are pretty much nonexistent, since I have my doubts about them accepting me under normal circumstances. So, so much for scholarships. Especially this scholarship. It would cover four years of all expenses paid: tuition, room and board, and even books. Of course, all things are possible with God and if He wants me to get this I will, but I'm not going to let myself think about what that would be like, because I will be disappointed when it, inevitably, doesn't happen for me. So there's that too.

I won't even get to find out about Wheaton until later, tomorrow evening, because I'll be gone on a Scholar's Bowl excursion. (For those of you who don't know, Scholar's Bowl is a trivia team thing. Kind of like being on a game show.) Here are a couple of Scholar's Bowl random facts I've been reviewing/learning:

A fresco uses water-based pigments applied to a fresh plaster wall or ceiling done before the plaster dries.

Truman Capote (1924-1984) was a Southern American writer of novels, essays, and sketches; associated with New Journalism. He was the boyhood neighbor of Harper Lee and the pattern for her character Dill In To Kill A Mockingbird. He wrote Breakfast at Tiffany's, Other Voices, Other Rooms, and In Cold Blood.

Shakespeare: (yes, he is his own category)
The Tempest, set on a desert island, features Prospero, Miranda, Ferdiand, Caliban, and Ariel. It is Shakespeare's last play.

James Bowie, supposed inventor of the "Bowie knife", was a Texas hero (1796-1836) who died at the Alamo.

Mythology and Religion:
Jainism is a small Indian sect, which branched off from Hinduism in the 6th century BC. It teaches salvation by self-effort and non-violence.

Gliding, rapid scales, played with a sliding movement, are called glissandos.

And there you have it. By the way, all those facts came from Champion's Quiz Preparation: The Inside Guide, which is very useful for this sort of thing.

I really can't stand the anticipation of tomorrow. Not the Scholar's Bowl thing. In the four years I've been on the team, we've never even PLACED at a competition. So I'm not worried. I'm bringing a little plastic Asian girl as my totem, since Asian girls seem to be smarter than me. Maybe I can channel some of her brilliance if I put her in front of my buzzer. I guess we'll see...

No, what I'm worried about is the whole Wheaton thing. Wheaton is still not my first choice. But it definitely will be if I get this scholarship (not gonna happen grace, not gonna happen...). But I can't stop thinking about how my life will change if I end up at Wheaton vs. an Austin school. If I end up in Austin, TX, I will probably pursue the whole singer/songwriter thing. If I, by some miracle, get this QuestBridge thing, I will get a first-rate Christian, intellectual, education, which means I will probably be an English/education major or something. Actually, I'll probably choose a major similar to that no matter where I end up, but something tells me that Wheaton isn't the place to become a folk/jazz singer/songwriter. But maybe that's not what I'm supposed to be.

I know God will work things out. There's this last thing: when I don't get the QuestBridge scholarship, even though my mind will tell me otherwise, my heart will tell me that I am stupid because my pride will be wounded.
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On December 6th, 2005 01:13 am (UTC), the_nooj commented:
Did you know that the Guiness brewery in Dublin, IE, has a six thousand year lease?? Mwahahahahaahaaaaa. And that's my new philosophy....
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